New Year's specials blather

Kouhaku Utasen is a go! This year, ARASHI's hakama are surprisingly tasteful. And by tasteful, I still mean sequined, but at least on a black background, and not the silver lame like last year. I guess they're going for slightly subdued, given all that happened in 2011.

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a very gay New Year's Eve

I'm watching the Red vs. White NYE special, which is basically two teams of singers duking it out to ring in the NY. Because Japan loves its singers. And WTF contests. Anyhow, this year the red team is (I believe) entirely female singers, and white is (almost) entirely guys. So, battle of the sexes! And they are all the big name entertainers; Japan takes the new year very, very seriously. As much as a country whose music industry is halfway composed of idol groups can, at least.

But the real awesomeness? The red team is lead by a lady I don't know, but the white team is lead by ARASHI. Which is my favorite ~*sparkly*~ boyband. And how do they show up to introduce the teams? She is wearing a lovely furisode kimono. And the guys? White haori, and SILVER SEQUINNED HAKAMA.


And it's not even the Johnny's NYE special, where they break out the *really* lol-tastic outfits. (think peacock cosplaying as Liberace)

@2225--holy mother of the gods, the lady currently singing has a costume that can only be described as 'Yuki-onna collided with a flock of cranes and landed in a rhinestone factory' o.O
@2247--ARASHI is on GOLD SEQUINNED FROCK COATS...and sneakers. and leopard-print lametrousers. and, and Shou and Aiba both have sequinned ties!
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Kamen Rider movie 'summary' w/o spoilers

The full name of the movie is Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull MOVIE taisen CORE, which reflects the 3 segments: first up is W, then OOO and finally the team-up. In the interests of being spoiler-free, I will be vague.
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After watching this movie, I have this urge for a crossover fic involving Eiji, Hanto (Go-On Green) and possibly Touya (CCS) all working the same crummy part-time job.
Also, I still need to make more tokusatsu icons.
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Q10 episode #09 (end)

Last episode *sniff*

trivia: Christmas in Japan is kinda a couple holiday (similar to Valentine's Day in the states, only with less candy). Spending Christmas together is a very romantic/couple-y thing to do, as shoujo manga readers prolly know. There is also a tradition of Christmas cakes (shortbread with frosting and strawberries).

The harmonium (small keyboard with mouth-tube thingie that looks like a keyboard on life support) is an instrument played in elementary school. Like, 1st and 2nd graders.

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Q10 episode #06

trivia: Saraba Koibito, the song sung in this ep, apparently came out in 1971. I have not been able to find a version on youtube that does not suck or put me to sleep, but it is actually a nice song when sung by a chorus. I think it may also be the song Kawai was singing in the Miss Contest a few episodes back.
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