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Q10 #05

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Q10 episode #05

At Ogawa-sensei's house, mom is fixing Q10. After all, she runs a bicycle shop, it's totally equivalent to being in NASA or something. Q10 goes off on how she's a robot, but O-sensei is like, you're a girl in high school!

At school, girls give Heita a cookie and a love-y note. In the men's room Q10 talks to him in a ridiculously girly voice about it.

Outside, Nakao confronts Heita about Q10--she's a robot. Heita takes him aside and denies it. Nakao is all, it's a secret. And then something about he'll take it (her)

The 3 teachers, Heita, and Q10 are playing cards and talking about Nakao. Yanagi-sensei talks about relationships or something? The reset switch is mentioned. (I think Heita is talking about letting Nakao take Q10) Q10 herself is pretty stoic.

Outside, Heita is upset, but doesn't know why. He feels like he is behaving like a kid. As Q10 walks ahead, he notices her strange walk and and way of talking, pick a leaf off her head, and pokes her in the face. It's a joke, he says. He thought things wouldn't change/finish (this bit is said in past tense, like it's a future him doing the voice-over bit)

At the Wild Love restaurant place Y-teacher gives principal some sort of medicine for his dog, that apparently reeks. Dog flees.

At Ogawa house, mom works on calligraphy, while O-sensei talks about being a teacher.

The next morning, Q10 walks in with principal's dog, making him happy. She mentions a heart or something.

In class, Q10 hands Yamamoto a disk of music. Girls in the hall laugh about her (Y.'s) hair as she walks by, and she sees horrible stuff about herself on the internet (about her ex and how she's horrible or something.)

Nakao is being all creepy about Q10, taking notes and all. Heita is uncomfortable talking about her reset switch. Nakao wants to look, while Q10 stares at Heita as he strides off.

Heita kinda crumples after leaving, and Y-teacher finds him. It's okay to say you hate something if you do! But Heita denies anything. Y-teacher talks aobut the two of them having different places to be, and Heita wonders where his is. Nakao comes with Q10, upset 'cause he didn't find the reset. Q10 obligingly opens her mouth, but Heita questions if that's the place he wants to be . He closes her mouth, and takes her back. Nakao threatens to tell that Fukai loves a robot, and Heita's all 'go ahead'. Nakao: 'I'm serious!', but Heita (and Q10) neither stop nor look back.

[commercial break]

Heita is freaking out, 'cause he is sure Nakao is serious. Their classmates will be awful. [flashes to ostracized Yamamoto]. Q10 hands Heita an earphone, and plays his heartbeat for him.

Y-sensei and O-sensei talk. She's apparently running a physical on him. O-sensei is skeptical of her skills, but when she goes to check his back mom's calligraphy shows [I am a high school teacher]. Y-sensei takes a pic without telling him why, or what's on his back.

In 3-B, girls talk to Kawai (about a school trip or something), who is upset about it. Outside, Kageyama asks her what's wrong, it's the trip. It segues to talk about university. Kawai is really upset, and thinks he's angry at her. (I think he got in trouble for something from the last ep?) He's like, I'm not angry! (She is gripping his sleeve at the time)

In the science room, Y-sensei talks with Q10. Y-sensei is inspired by Q10.

Out in the field, Q10 and Heita talk. She sticks sound effects to indicate her depression, and Heita laughs in spite of himself. Q10 is happy at this. Heita talks about going wherever, together (like it's a really good thing).

At the empty classroom, Nakao struggles to hit post at the entry that Heita is a pervert, but Fujino walks in before he can. She talks about having the power to shake up the world (over flashbacks of Q10 with Nakao and Heita). But Fujino has an even bigger power! Then she walks out, leaving Nakao confused.

[commercial break]

Yamamoto, in red hair and hat at the hospital, thinks about all that's been written about her. Kubo tries to be cheerful, but Yamamoto is all I'm a faker, where do I belong? She is frustrated that folks tell her to be herself, but don't actually want who she really is. Kubo talks about her music. Later, as she's leaving, she hands her a CD from her band, and takes off the hat. She says something about her future, and how rock can come later (I think this is a ref to her future plan to be a nurse)

at the Fukai house, dad makes small talk with Heita. Heita is looking for his medicine, and dad hands him some, then stick an angry emoticon thingie on his face. Dad talks about how having desires is good, and uses some strange analogy involving food (tomatoes).

In his room, Nakao has a breakdown and is freaked by the globe Fujino gave him.

[commercial break]

Morning at school, principal is looking for his dog (again). In the science room, Y-sensei is feeding Fujioka, and trying to get his opinion on fabric. The 2 then run throughout school pasting scraps of the fabric around, like patches. He asks her if she's afraid of poverty. But Y-sensei is an optimist who believes in him.

On the roof, Nakao begs Heita to give him (N.) Q10. Heita, is like, I can't do that, she's not a thing. Nakao might think she is, but not Heita. Nakao is like, she is a thing. And then he runs to the edge, and says 'Give her to me or I'll do it! Which is more important, a person or a thing! I'll really do it!' Heita: Q10! And then Nakao goes to jump, Heita says 'Stop it!' and pulls him off, only to fall himself!
And then the color goes off and Fujino is there, talking to Nakao, who collapses. The globe she gave him earlier falls and shatters. And then the color goes back and suddenly it's just before Heita falls, and Heita falls again, only to be caught princess-style by Q10. Nakao freaks more, and looks over to see Heita. Q10 threatens to do (something), and Heita looks panicked. She starts counting down, but when she gets to 1 she goes: Joke! And Heita gives her a very weak smile.

At night, the principal's dog returns. In 3-B, Kageyama and Kawai talk. He likes her, but people have to go their own ways. (apparently, they aren't going to be near each other after graduation) She grabs his sleeve again, and he is all [pained face] 'I am weak to you~~!' [he is not protesting, mind]

In the science lab, Nakao asks if Heita is mad. Then Heita talks about finding Q10 there, and how he kinda understands how Nakao feels. It's understandable to not like unfair things. Nakao brings up Heita's illness, but Heita is like 'that wasn't exactly unfair'. He says (something I didn't catch), and then finishes with 'it's the same'

At the Fukai house, Chiaki, mom, and dad are excited to listen to something, turning out the lights and all, only to have it be Heita's heartbeat. They are happy at the noise. [I believe the CD was labeled something else, but it went by too quickly]

In the hospital, Kubo listens too (it was under the disk Yamamoto gave him)

Outside somewhere, Yamamoto works on a song.

At the Ogawa's, O-sensei talks about the empty classroom (he's kinda drunk), and Q10 talks about how the classroom isn't empty.

In 3-B the next day, the class's song CD has been replaced with heartbeats (the class's), which O-sensei listens to as the students take a test.

At home the next night, mom asks how long since he's taken a bath, since he hasn't seen his back (lol)

In bed, Heita flashes back to Nakao jumping. And he wonders what he should do. He hates uneasy nights.

At the hospital, Kubo mentions talking about death to someone the night before they have major surgery is kinda cruel. Heita wonders about his place, and Kubo is like, that's your decision. Where do you think your place is? Heita sees the power pole (which is his and Q10's spot) and thinks about all the conversations and event they've had there, along with all the folks they've interacted with. Their are many flashbacks as he walks there, and decides that this is the place he'll stand. And then there is the sound of heartbeats, because of course, this is the place they are.


Fujioka is leaving school? Everyone practices music, Fujino talks about knowing stuff about Q10, and Kageyama fails at stealth.
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