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Q10 episode #06

trivia: Saraba Koibito, the song sung in this ep, apparently came out in 1971. I have not been able to find a version on youtube that does not suck or put me to sleep, but it is actually a nice song when sung by a chorus. I think it may also be the song Kawai was singing in the Miss Contest a few episodes back.

Q10 episode #06

In Kubo's hospital room, he and Heita talk about being happy and all. Heita is asking him for advice on love or something?

At school, Heita ponders liking Q10. He sees girls practicing catch, and Q10 asks if he wants to do it. Cut to Q10 pitching balls at him, fast enough to stick in concrete. Heita is (justifiably) terrified :D.

In the halls, a girl runs in Heita, and he finds her running off embarrassed to be cute. Q10 tries to learn from this, but fails utterly to be cute and embarrassed (more like embarrassing).

Later, Heita reflects that he wasn't lying, exactly, thinking of what he said to Nakao (about Q10? not dying?), and grabs Q10's hand. He continues (over)thinking the situation.

At the Ogawa's, Q10 listens to the radio while mom and O-sensei prepare for the morning. It's some kinda of old-fashioned love/inspirational song. Mom is happy to be going off on a trip.

At school, Yanagi-sensei and O-sensei talk in the science lab. He irks her and flees, while she ponders food, and eating at home (it's been a long time since she's eaten there.)

In 3-B, the students are talking about what song to sing for the chorus contest or whatnot, while O-sensei zones out about food. He tunes in just in time to say the name of the song Q10 and his mother were singing along to, "Saraba Koibito" [Farewell, love]. The class picks this as their song.

After school, Kageyama flees from walking with Q10 and Heita at the sight of Kawai. He [Kage] is totally chickenshit about having hurt her [Kawai]. Then Fujino comes to the pair and gives Heita a card to make a wish on Q10 with?

Elsewhere, Nakao is looking at character goods when he runs into Fujioka's brother, and ends up bonding with him? He seems a bit bothered/embarrassed about what happened in the last episode, while brother just wants the pocky.

In the science lab, Heita tells Q10 to sit for a moment while he sticks the card on her forehead. It causes her to flash off, and then resart? When she restarts, she is very girly (in a shoujo romantic way). She asks him to say her name (Karen), and then comes on to him for a kiss. He panics, and then she shuts down. He returns to calling her Q10, and then Fujino shows up, saying something about Q10's battery. She gives him a stack of the cards for Q10, and says that Q10 is a failure? [couldn't hear properly DX] Heita follows her in the hall, wanting to know what her connection is, but she says somethings are better left unknown.

[commercial break]

At a police station, Fujioka comes for his brother, much to Nakao's surprise. Little brother [Yuuto] was shoplifting? Yuuto is worried Fujioka is angry, but he's just tired of being poor. Nakao looks really, really unhappy to be along. When the elevator breaks, Yuuto is all, it'd be better if I wasn't here, wouldn't you [F.] be happier?

At the Ogawa's, Y-sensei is cooking when mom returns. She is happy at the sight of dinner, but leaves INCREDIBLY UNSUBTLEY at the sight of Y-sensei. Y-sensei is upset and runs out to talk with mom. Who turns over her son to her XD. Y-sensei rejects that notion immediately, saying she envies (er, more or less) their family. Mom tries to cheer her up. Back in the house, O-sensei eats alone.

In a dark room, Heita listens to the class song.

Back in 3-B the next day, the students all sing (except Nakao and Heita). It's a song about going home, and apologizing for screwing up, but accepting that love isn't permanent, and that saying goodbye is a part of life. Q10 is overenthusiastic.

Later, Fujioka is cleaning off his graffiti, when he hears Kawai crying and gives her his handkerchief. Apparently the song made her cry.

At the hospital, Yamamoto and Kubo look at video, when she makes to go home. A boy knocks her flat down, and Kubo looks upset when she gets up, making up an excuse to take off. Later, in bed he denies anything is wrong to the nurse. Even later, he confides to Heita that he's afraid of dying. He hasn't thought about tomorrow.

At school the next morning, Heita talks to Yamamoto about this. It's not like Kubo to talk about being afraid of dying, it's that Kubo was afraid of Yamamoto dying. That's all.

Heita flashes back to Q10, in both dork!mode and come-hither!mode. And on the rooftop he talks with Q10. She doesn't quite get what he's saying, but that doesn't bother him anymore.

[commercial break].

Fujioka ponders the slash he left in the principal's chair when the principal walks in. Fujioka is thinking about working days, which means he won't be able to come to school. Later, he leaves campus with his things. He hears the song.

In 3-B, the students find out Fujioka is leaving. No one knew anything was wrong. Yamamoto notices that Nakao clearly knows something. He spills that in the elevator, Yuuto spilled about being poor and not having any hope for the future. And then Fujioka talked to Yuuto about the day their folks died? He mentions wanting to have a snow fight, at least, and not having the chance. And then power returns, and he gives Yuuto an inspirational talk. Everyone is touched, for about 5 seconds. Q10 quotes Ogawa-mom somewhat, about everyone singing for Fujioka. Kageyama pipes up about understanding how (someone, prolly Fujioka) feels. Q10 mildly chastises them to say goodbye properly, or a sentiment to that effect.

[commercial break]

Yamamoto runs to the local temple and gets a fortune. One for her, and one for Kubo, which she gives him in the hospital. [didn't get a good look, but it seems to be a good reading]. She promises to not disappear before him, and runs off.

Fujioka works at a bread factory, and then comes home to Yuuto, who heads to bed. He erases the pic of the two of them, and draws 'SOS', like they made with the desks back in episode 01. He hears something from outside, it's the class song! Outside, everyone is gathered. He gets emotional and starts singing along, while the neighbors are either gossiping or complaining. Later, the principal apologizes to the police. He mildly chews them out for causing a scene, but says Fujioka seemed happy. He apparently brought drinks for everybody, 'cause he's really a nice guy. Heita grabs Q10's hand when he walks off.

Walking home, Kawai tells Kageyama that Fujioka is strong. And that she knew from long before that two people eventually have to say goodbye. But she doesn't think it has to be bitter. It's like a drama. And then she says goodbye and runs off.

At the Fukai home, Chiaki and dad are sitting by the radio, when mom comes out doing some sort of traditional dance in kimono. The three are all really uncomfortable sitting seiza Heita has a flashback to mom freaking out at kid!Heita in the hospital. And then mom pops out for act 2.

The next morning, Fujino encounters Heita. He looks at the stack of cards she gave him, and returns them. He'll make memories his own way. She talks about Q10 being some sort of experiment. As he walks off, she says Q10 isn't his, she belongs to them all. (She uses the term for object, not person, which is either condemning Heita for treating Q10 like an object or her being rather rude herself)

In the empty classroom, Heita wonders where Q10 is.

He runs around looking for her; she's at their outside spot. She's looking at a (really improbable and long-lasting) rainbow. He talks about his hope, that he never makes Q10 cry. He looks away, she makes some strange sounds. And then she hands him her tear reservoir, so she can't cry. She will think of Heita, and then smile (instead of crying). Heita is totally embarrassed. She makes the 'kiss' face, which Heita echoes, and then goes in for the most awkward kiss ever.

[voiceover]Something about tears, and 250 years (maybe days, didn't catch it clearly) The passage of time, anyway, and making memories. Living because/for one's important people. How one can't go back to the past, and that's okay. [there are tons of scenes while this monologue is going on: O-sensei eating, Y-sensei encouraging herself, Kageyama moping on a slide in the dark, Nakao eating with the Fujioka brothers]

Fujino says how that's unfortunate (referring to Heita refusing the card thingies), as she writes the kanji for his first name with the cards and then flings them off the desk.

Heita is okay with this (the fleetingness of it all)

[no preview]
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