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Kamen Rider movie 'summary' w/o spoilers

The full name of the movie is Kamen Rider x Kamen Rider OOO & W feat. Skull MOVIE taisen CORE, which reflects the 3 segments: first up is W, then OOO and finally the team-up. In the interests of being spoiler-free, I will be vague.

(by section of movie)

The first part was the W story, which features very little of the main cast. They show up at the start, but the story switches to a flashback from Soukichi Narumi's time as a detective and professional badass. Seriously, he spends half his on-screen time kicking tail. While wearing a white suit. Impressive not only because there are a lot of tails being kicked, but also because his suit stays immaculate. It's like frickin' magic! He is *very much* the unflappable manly lead, which actually ties in with what little of him was shown in the main show continuity. I totally understand why Shoutarou has a mentor-crush on him. [It also shows that Soukichi is kind of a (mostly unintentional) bastard, unlike Shoutarou; hard-boiled does not translate to loving (or lovable).]

Then the Toei splash runs again, and it's time for the OOO cast. This part ties in somewhat with the current TV arc(s) [ep 15-16, and prolly 17-18], but a little differently? At first it's all about Eiji and his many odd jobs, but then there's a bit with another character (movie-only) and really there was way more focus on new-character and his story than the regular cast. I was very disappointed by the lack of Greeed screentime (they get a cameo, barely). I understand why the creators went that route (can't do too much to upset canon, given that the series is not even at the half-way point, so anything that would significantly affect the plot is right out), but it made for a rather blah story. And don't even get me started on the ballerina. (They were trying for artsy parallels and achieved only cheese. And confusion.) Also, cake!boss's suit was so heinous I almost had to look away--shiny salmon-y orange with silver-grey polka dots, I think it might have been satin.

Cue the last Toei splash, and the two plots finally meet. Without spoiling it, a summation:
WTF? (or possibly WTF? LOL)
(CGI and a blatant disregard for anything resembling physics/science)
(scenes of life going on)
the end
Overall, this section had the most canon-relevant events. Since W is finished and thus not providing any toy sales, they focused on character stuff. The OOO material was more throwaway (in terms of plot relevance), but there were a couple things shown here that haven't made it to the show yet. It will be interesting to see when/if they appear in main canon.


--Soukichi Narumi is a professional badass.
--It was kinda neat how they paralleled past-Fuuto and Soukichi with the W-era city and folks.
--The OOO segment was pretty weak, and didn't have *nearly* enough Hina or Greeed.
--Also, the 'plot' had such tenuous ties to regular OOO canon I wonder if it was a story the writer had sitting around and just did minor cosmetic work to stick it into OOO's universe. It could have worked for Den-O or Kiva with only minor changes.
--that being said, oh Gotou ♥
--The director and the camera folks have a somewhat disturbing love for groin and posterior shots. As do the costume designers o.O
--I still adore Shoutarou and the way he manages to combine WTF!? with hissy fits.

I thought the W story was pretty strong and connected to/continued canon well; my only complaint was that it focused on characters that aren't my favorites. The OOO story pretty much sucked; it really doesn't tie into main universe. I would have been much happier with more screen time from the regular cast. An AU plot ala the Kiva/Den-O team-up or a mostly flashback plot like the W segment would have been more satisfying. The combo part is pretty blatantly about promoting toy sales and hitting explosions per minute of air time quotas.

After watching this movie, I have this urge for a crossover fic involving Eiji, Hanto (Go-On Green) and possibly Touya (CCS) all working the same crummy part-time job.
Also, I still need to make more tokusatsu icons.
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