Malnisst (malnisst) wrote,

fortunately, only slightly shaken in southern Kantou

Wow, did I pick a good day to leave work early to run errands.

Here in western Kanagawa things aren't really affected much (except for transit), though they did evacuate us from the shopping center (twice) when the biggest quakes were happening. They were only about 4s down here. It wasn't until I walked home and turned on the tv that I realized how strong the quakes were (are? the aftershocks are still going up north). The cell phone networks went down for several hours, so I didn't get any of the emergency emails (really useful system, there). Now I'm just watching the news with cold dread, as both of the areas I used to live are in bad areas. and the running ticker of fatalities at the bottom of the screen is just.... It doesn't help that they aren't really updating much, and it's all in Japanese.

(warning for black, black humor)
I secretly wonder if the newstations keep cameras filming the various newsrooms just so they have footage to roll immediately when a quake hits. Seriously, every single strong earthquake news coverage involves flying papers and panicking office flunkies.
Also, newscasters in emergency helmets, from near the epicenter but still working: devotion to duty I will never have.
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